75mm wide X 25mm depth badge

We can send you a no cost, no obligation, sample name badge in the post, send your details HERE and our team will design and send you one for your perusal.

We can add your logo, staff name, company name, job title, whatever you would like, ewe take pride in our bespoke service, and want to ensure that it is designed in order to suit you and your preferences.

We supply over one thousand NHS outlets across the UK with their badges, including GP's surgeries, Pharmacists, Opticians.

These badges are also ideal for front of house, hotel receptionists, or any member of staff working onsite meeting members of the public.

No Set-Up fee
No minimum order
£5.00 for each badge which includes either magnetic or pin attachment

If you need any help, please call the main office on 01772 696260 .
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